DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding Crafts

When planning your wedding, you might think of ways to make it as unique and special an affair as possible. After all, you and your guests are going to remember this day forever. Why not consider some do-it-yourself, memorable and gorgeous crafts?

Homemade elements are becoming popular in weddings because they give them a bit of creativity and charm. So get your imagination going with some fabulous ideas you can make ahead of your special day. Here are five elements of your wedding that could possibly benefit from a bit of DIY fun.

 Floral              (Kinser Event Company)

DIY Flower Centrepieces

Forget flowers in vases at the tables – you can make use of different floral displays that will really draw attention. These can include making tea cup gardens or choosing seasonal flowers or fruits. These give your tables extra flair and don’t have to be expensive.

Cookie                                         (United With Love)

DIY Wedding Favours

Your guests will absolutely love receiving a token of appreciation for sharing in your special day. For some, even just attending a wedding takes thought and preparation. Make them feel appreciated!

Wedding favours don’t have to be conventional gifts. Make sure your guests don’t forget them at the table by creating unique, creative and/or practical gifts for them.
Wedding favours could be food gifts, such as delicious pastries in monogrammed containers or wrappers. They could be practical yet creative gifts, such as monogrammed tins or stationery. Another idea is to link your wedding favours to the season in which you’re having your wedding. For example, hot chocolate sachets or scented candles can be given to guests in winter; or, colorful cake pops in spring or summer!

pewlanterns1                                                  (Intimate Weddings)

DIY Décor

Although you might not have the need to add DIY to every part of your wedding décor, there are some elements in which it could really add a special touch. These include:

 Decorating the pews where you’re having your ceremony with hanging lanterns, mason jars or crepe paper bouquets. This makes the aisle look more striking.

  Chairs in your reception can also be given a touch of DIY dazzle. You could tie satin bows on the backs of chairs, or other embellishments that tie in with your wedding theme. For instance, if you have a beach wedding, you could pin little starfish ornaments to chairs.

Lanternbouquet                          (Sweet Violet Bride)

DIY Bouquets

Don’t forget to make your bouquet (and those of your bridesmaids) join the party! You could choose fabric flowers instead of the real deal, or opt for bouquets for your bridesmaids that don’t even contain flowers. Ideas include carrying sparklers or mason jar lanterns. These could work fabulously at an evening wedding to provide an extra glow!

Table Numbers                                                         (Linen Lace and Love)

DIY Table Numbers

Even your table numbers can become a bit flashier instead of just serving an organizational purpose. Once again, tie it into your wedding theme. If you have a rustic wedding, you could paint table numbers on empty wine bottles or on miniature chalkboards.
A really unique and different idea is to organize your tables according to important years in the lives of you and your partner. How it works is that every year’s number will have a photograph attached to it, which can be a memory from yours or your partner’s life, or even your combined memories.

By choosing to bring a dash of DIY to your wedding celebration, you can sidestep monotony and give your loved ones a magical experience.

– Gwen Lewis

We are so thankful to have guest blogger Gwen Lewis on the blog today. We love her ideas and ways to really make your wedding special and intimate!!

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