Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses are a fun and sometimes daunting challenge during the wedding planning process.  You have selected your close friends to stand by you on this special day. Of course you want to make them all happy, but you also have a vision for your wedding day. So where do you draw the line? Really, we recommend sticking to your vision. You are the one who will be displaying these pictures in your house for ages to come. However, be nice too. Be cognisant of each girl’s shape and skin color. If you have a girl who could affectionately be called snow white, do not put her in a pale yellow or even a champagne. Really both of these tips help your wedding. If your girls look good, your wedding pictures look better leading to cherishable treasures. Today we want to dive into short, long, and mismatched. However keep in mind, the first and most important rule….whatever the bride wants or envisions, that is what is appropriate.

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Short dresses are spunky and fun. With the array of dresses out there to choose from, it can be easy to find cute dresses your bridesmaids will love. Another great aspect about short dresses is you can showcase so many cute shoes. Really, how cute are those cowboy boots? A common question that arises is when are short dresses required or appropriate. Short dresses are most frequently worn during spring and summer months. They are also traditionally worn for morning and afternoon ceremonies. If you feel like the day may be exceptionally warm, we would recommend short dresses for your girls’ comfort. Also, if the overall theme and feel of the wedding is relaxed and casual, short dresses would definitely be the way to go.

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More commonly, people have questions regarding long dresses. Traditionally, long dresses were reserved for formal evening affairs. However, now, long dresses work for any time of day and year. Light weight fabrics like chiffon allow your girls to be comfortable even in the summer months. Long gowns look beautiful in both outdoor and indoor venues. Again, if the bride is envisioning long dresses for the big day, then that is absolutely what the bridesmaids should wear.

Mix Long                                  (Project Wedding)Mix1                                                                                             (Pinterest)Mix2                                                       (Wedding Chicks)

Mix and match dresses is a growing trend. Executed well, it adds so much fun and flair to a wedding party. You can mix and match with colors and styles. If you are only mix and matching styles, be sure to select the color, length and fabric to limit the options. It is recommended to still stay within the same designer if you are doing matching color but not styles. If you want to do mismatched colors, it is most common to choose nude or pastel palettes. As long as the colors coordinate and are different enough to be able to tell a difference, they will look lovely together. This new trend really allows for so much creativity and variety. Different colors creates a whimsical flair. Different styles are an exceptional choice if your bridal party has a wide mixture of body shapes.

Again, at the end of the day it just comes down to what the bride wants for the big day. As a bridesmaid, it is your duty to add in input when asked or just keep a smile on if not. If the bride does ask for your opinion on what style to choose, definitely speak up! Brides typically want their friends to like the dress that has been selected, so input is appreciated. But once the dress is chosen, it is smile time. You are there to support the bride, your dear friend, on this momentous occasion.

Most important, remember to have fun with it and enjoy the day and time together, if your girls are with you, as you pick out dresses!

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